Wednesday, September 10, 2008

techincal difficuties


borrrrrrrrrrrrrring. we had a power failure about an hour an a half ago. several city blocks were down. for the first 30 minutes we had no power and we all waited around, unable to do anything, wondering if we'd close for the day. but we didn't. power came back on. but we're still having problems with the phones. no calls are coming in and we're all just sitting about trying to keep ourselves amused with the limited internet surfing we have access to.


ugh, this is so dull! why can't they just send us all home for the day? that'd be nice. i'd go shopping. i'm sick of all my clothes and i can justify buying new stuff now that fall is here and winter's around the corner. all my cute summer dresses and whatnot will get tucked away and hibernate for several months. i NEED new clothes.


i need something to do. i'm so restless sitting in front of this computer, tethered to my silent phone... man this makes the day go slowly.

1 comment:

Jade said...

LOL, all of my space updates had the words "tech help" or the lack there of - in them :)

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