Thursday, August 11, 2011

losing my mind, one note at a time

oh my god, why won't the radio station play any other songs? please, i beg you, mix it up a bit! i've heard these songs every day for longer than i can take! there's no need for any sort of deejay or host, because i swear they just have the same loop playing every single day. i can practically set my watch to it. start the day with a little adele "rollin in the deep", and then refresh our memory of it just after noon. lady gaga's "edge of glory" is playing, must be about 10 o'clock. or 230, when it gets played again. oh, 3pm, time to put on jason mraz's "i'm yours", thank you for driving me crazy with a song i once enjoyed. and guaranteed within 10 minutes of that the lazy radio station is going to play "the lazy song". shut up bruno mars, shut up shut up shut up!

i hate that radio. i look over at it and just imagine myself hurling it through the glass walls. but i have nothing against the glass walls. ok, perhaps i will just attack the radio with... hmm, what do i have nearby.... kleenex box - no, that won't work... coffee cup - no, must not harm my trusty coffee cup.... crayons - why are there crayons on my desk??... stapler... yes, i will attack the radio with my stapler. smash smash smash smash smash smash smash smash smash smash smash!!!!

alright, clearly the radio loop has driven me loopy. it's pushed me over the edge. the edge the edge, the edge the edge, tonight yeah baby, tonight yeah baby, the edge the edge the edge the edge ARGH!!!!!! too much gaga has made me go gaga!

shh... what's that? rollin in the !#@* deep? AGAIN?? time to roll me off to the loony bin.
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