Tuesday, December 6, 2011

shh.... i'm working

oops, keep forgetting to blog. maybe because i keep forgetting to do anything blogworthy. unless you count getting bingos in scrabble as blogworthy. nah, didn't think so. unfortunately that's as exciting as it gets these days.

lemme see, what non-happenings can i try to put a spin on? i'm doing some training at work right now and it involves piles of reading. if my eyeballs could pop out of my head and run away, they'd be long gone. anyway, that's way too boring to discuss any further.

the whole airbnb thing is still going, although slowing down now that it's winter. i'm still shocked at how many people we've had though. and i'm glad for a little respite, i sort of get tired of having people. it's a good excuse to clean the house though.

oh, BIG upset - pub quiz night has moved from tuesdays to wednesdays. I KNOW! it's wreaking havoc on our team. or what's left of our team. we've all had tuesdays blocked off as quiz night for a few years now, they can't just go and change it on us! yup, life is tough.

my brother just told me that the shoppers drug mart in our area wants to expand and take over a little vietnamese restaurant and movie village. nooooooo!!! i will be so sad if movie village goes. we've been members since it opened and have the coveted "free movie a day for life" membership! it would be the end of an era! i don't care about stupid video downloads, i still want movie village :(

anyhoo, suppose i better get back to this riveting training now.
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