Thursday, August 21, 2008

playing in the rain

i love the rain. i don't mean piddly little drizzly rain. i'm talking
about the torrential downpours. those beautiful storms when the sky has
no distinguishable clouds, it's just a sheet of gray, flashes of
lightning stabbing at unseen ground, cracks of thunder shaking windows,
and cascades of water battering cars, concrete, plants and people.

i love standing outside in weather like that. i feel energized and
vibrant! i'll often run outdoors and stand with arms outstretched in
the rain, feeling my skin get slippery, my clothes get drenched and my
hair contort into chaotic waves. wow that feels amazing!

it was pouring when i left work today and i had no umbrella. a friend
gave me a ride home, but not before i went splashing about for a bit
getting wet and shiny and happy. i got inside and exchanged my soggy
clothes for a cozy housecoat. i don't think i could have felt more

sweet silence


ah, the beauty of a beepless headset. no calls coming in!! it's so rare and therefore to be cherished. it's so nice to have those gaps of 30 seconds or so of no calls. amazing! i had a pile of crosswords at my desk that i was able to complete in those magical moments of silence. what a treat.


now its's time to go home. last night i was exhausted and fell asleep at 7 pm. that's right, SEVEN P.M. i slept for almost 12 hours!! how ridiculous.

Monday, August 18, 2008

free pancakes


just on my morning break, enjoying my free pancake breakfast provided by work. i love it when they do things like that. we've had a few soup and sandwich lunches too. no occasion, just a treat. yum yum.


tomorrow i have the afternoon off too. it's my friend's 30th birthday and we're going to go have lunch on a patio. should be a beautiful day with a high of 30. yay! this week may have some potential...


ok, back on the phones, i'll have to finish my pancakes between calls.

Sunday, August 10, 2008


ah, golf. such a great way to spend a sunny sunday. i enjoyed 7 gorgeous hours out on the links today, the first chance i've had to play all summer. now i'm not an atrocious player, but i'm not exactly what you'd call "good" either. the occasional ball is lost to the water, and several more are whacked mercilessly across the fairway while i curse like a sailor. but then there are those rare beauties. the ones that soar effortlessly through the sky in the perfect arc and land exactly where i'd hoped, allowing me to strut back to my cart like i own the course. man, do those feel good!

yep, i had a great day today. came away with a score card climbing too high to bother adding up, my left side noticeably pinker than the right, stiff arms, aching sides, and my personal favourite: a single golf glove tan.

i'm telling you, living this life of leisure sure is tiring! now i must go to bed, i strained my exhausted little arms lifting the salad tongs at dinner.

Friday, August 1, 2008



i love writing this blog and facebook notes and sharing my thoughts with everyone. sometimes i express anger or sadness, sometimes it's utter glee, and sometimes it's just plain silliness.


but i don't share everything. i can't. right now i'm dealing with my thoughts alone, and no one can come in.
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