Tuesday, February 26, 2008

alice's wise words

I give myself very good advice
But I very seldom follow it
That explains the trouble that I'm always in
Be patient, is very good advice
But the waiting makes me curious
And I'd love the change
Should something strange begin

Well, I went along my merry way
And I never stopped to reason
I should have known there'd be a price to pay

I give myself very good advice
But I very seldom follow it
Will I ever learn to do the things I should?
Will I ever learn to do the things I should?

- alice in wonderland

i'm also prone to giving great advice to others that most definitely applies to me, and then staunchly ignoring it myself. the odd thing is, i'm perfectly at peace with this. i know what i should do, i know i won't do it, and i accept it.  so maybe alice's song doesn't really pertain to me. i do stop to reason, i do know there may be a price to pay... and then i continue along my merry way regardless.

Monday, February 18, 2008

long weekend!


for some. unfortunately, not me.


today is manitoba's first Louis Riel day, our new provincial holiday. but alas, the feds are not privy to this day off. it's business as usual. it's a provincial holiday in a few other places too i believe, and it appears that many people assume we're closed. it's very quiet today, we don't have the usual constant stream of calls coming in. it's nice.


i'm feeling absolutely miserable today though. i have a terrible cold and would like nothing more than to be curled up in bed. Saturday was a gorgeous day and i spent about 9 hours outside. we built a snow fort and then had friends over for drinks. it was great! but i'd had a bit of a cough before, and that just pushed me over the edge. yesterday i was coughing like mad. coughing so hard i thought i'd throw up. coughing so hard i strained my back. coughing so hard i popped my hip! today is only slightly better. my head and eyes are killing me, i'm still coughing, and i'm slightly dizzy. can't wait to go home.


also, my arms are very sore. although that's just from all the digging and snow fort prep.

Friday, February 15, 2008

my special valentine

this year was an exceptionally eventful valentine's day for me. valentine's day wishes, chocolate, and an evening out with two boys. my oh my amanda, settle down!


first, my new applehead bus driver told me to have an okay day. yes, those were his words. "have an... okay day". he even paused to select the word "okay". do i want this girl to have a wonderful day, he thought? a nice day? how about a good day? Nah, okay will do.


I received a single chocolate from one of the supervisors, who dutifully passed them out to everyone. tasty.


i drank special valentine's day coffee and spoke to lovely valentine's day people. alright, that sentence is a lie. same coffee as every other day, same disgruntled people as every other day.


on to the entertainment for the evening. wanna know where i went? are you ready for it? Dollarama!! i know, sometimes i am just too wild. my brother and his friend and i went. the worst part was when my brother and i realized we had no cash and his friend had to pay. we were pooling our change together to cover the $7 bill! david and i were in hysterics, thinking it was all terribly funny, nick gave us the money and waited outside, clearly embarrassed to know us.


it was hard to top Dollarama, but we were too crazy to stop there. we went and played pool for an hour, smuggling in our dollarama pops like the rebels we are. made a stellar jump shot, yay me.


so that was my day. considering my long-standing boycott of this hallmark holiday, i think it was pretty fun this year. i even wished people happy valentine's day without a hint of sarcasm.


and i did actually get wished a happy valentine's day. a text came at 7am. it was quite unexpected, definitely unnecessary, but sweet and appreciated nonetheless. a perfectly enjoyable Feb 14!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

mourning my mornings


It was with a heavy heart that I stepped onto my Monday bus. All last week, i knew this was a possibility, yet i refused to believe it would happen. But as the bus pulled up I could deny it no longer. He wasn't there. My lovely, beautiful bus driver was not at the wheel. I hadn't seen him in a week, but i tried to convince myself that perhaps he was just on holiday. But it was not so. Clearly they've changed routes, and now i am stuck with this squat man whose head looks like a buffed apple. So round and shiny!


Mornings are not quite as bright as they used to be, despite the earlier sunrise. Sigh.... and just as i was building up the nerve to ask him his name! Well, as they say: you snooze you lose.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

ode to the blahs


I'm tired today.
Uninspired today.
Escape is desired today.
But ennui transpires today.
Strength is required these days.



i bet you didn't realize i was such a talented poet.




Friday, February 1, 2008

be nice


i'm a jerk. i shouldn't say nasty things about people. the cute boy is not a bad person. he may not be what i'm looking for, but i shouldn't be so mean. i didn't ditch last night, we rented a movie. he's not so bad. like i said, not right for me, but it was unnecessary and immature of me to say what i said. i apologize.

i'm acting completely shallow, i realize that. but it doesn't seem to be doing any harm. so i'm hanging out with someone purely because i find them attractive. so what? we're not starting a relationship, neither of us are becoming invested in any way. it's just killing time. i'm indifferent to whether we hang again or not. i have a decent time when we do, but i don't miss it when we don't.

it also appears i will follow through on the plans to hang out with the jackass. i feel at a safe distance and don't feel i am in any danger of getting attached. i have enjoyed our little conversations recently, but i don't have any desire for a relationship with him. once bitten, twice... okay, twice bitten. but that second bite definitely set me straight!

in any case, i'm not worried about either scenario. besides, we all know i'm betrothed to my bus driver. well, perhaps he doesn't know it :p

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