Wednesday, January 28, 2009

birthday musings

i don't really have much to muse about, but i've got 25 minutes to kill
before the online jeopardy test begins. yup, i'm an uber-nerd, working
my birthday plans around taking a test for a quiz show. but it'll
totally be worth it when i beat ken jennings' record as all time
jeopardy champ and undeniable trivia guru.

so my birthday has been pretty good so far. both my mom and dad called
and sang me happy birthday this morning, as per long standing
tradition. i had a nice walk to work. i had a good day for calls. i was
taken out for a couple of beers after work. and now i'm waiting
anxiously for the jeopardy test. alex trebek is looking right at me as
the clock counts down. 18:00 minutes to go, eek!

and of course i forgot my glasses at work. i NEVER forget my glasses,
but it's inevitable i would on a day i want them. but now when i fail
miserably i'll just blame it on poor eyesight.

alright, the waiting is driving me bonkers. i'm going to pace around for a bit. wish me luck...

Friday, January 2, 2009

happy new year

so here we are: 2009. time sure is zipping by these days. have i really already had this blog for 4 years?? yikes.

new years was nice and quiet this year. i went for dinner with a whole bunch of good friends, went back and played some board games around the fire, and then my boyfriend and i went back to his place around 11pm, where we played cards and watched the ball drop in NY. it was very enjoyable.

this has been a full year. i think back a year, and it seems so long ago. the newness of my job, the people i was hanging around with, it's quite different now. and what highs and lows this year! the wedding and traveling around israel, michael's death... but i don't feel like reflecting too much at this moment. right now i'm very content with where i am, and i'm looking forward to the potential of this new year. things are going well for me. work is satisfying, i've got a great family and terrific friends, and now to put that extra twinkle in my eye, i've met someone who makes me ridiculously happy and who loves me. yep, life is grand. i think 2009 will be a good year.
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