Wednesday, February 18, 2009

travel buggy


blair and i were talking about traveling last night and i got all itchy to hit the road again. i know it wasn't all that long ago since i had a month in israel, but i'm ready for another adventure! of course, seeing as i've been so many places, i want to go somewhere obscure. but blair hasn't done much traveling so he thinks picking a destination like uzbekistan or macedonia would be weird. but i love going to the weird places. the places that would make people say "you're going WHERE??" but i'd be content with going somewhere more common. i'd even go back to one of the places i've already been. i just want to go somewhere! i don't know when we'll get a chance though. and i suppose i'll have to be satisfied with the typical 1-2 week holiday. i wonder if i'll ever get the chance to go on extended travels again. are my roaming days at and end??

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