Friday, July 24, 2009

breathe blog, breathe!


oh blog, how i neglect thee!


it's because i'm boring you know. i never have anything clever or witty or remotely interesting to say. i used to be a barrel of laughs, what happened!? i think it's just a lack of time available for indulging and cultivating my imagination. i have a 15 minute break in which i grab a coffee, spend 10 minutes on the phone arranging a car inspection so i can end my lease, and then no time for amusing bloggery. i'm already 2 minutes over my break time, such insolence!


i wanted to try and pump some life into you, blog... but no time! just a quick jolt with the paddles to get your heart beating and off i go again. i will drop by soon and try to rescue you from the ICU

Friday, July 3, 2009

in a rut


today i hate work. so repetitive. same same same, every day. i'm annoyed at the fact that people who have been here way less time than me and who definitely aren't any better than me, get to do more than me. there's no point in calling the help line because i know just as much as the person who answers. i've mentioned that i'm interested in doing more - being on the tech line, shadowing new staff etc - but oh no, nothing comes of it. i'm frustrated. this phone cord may as well be an iron chain shackling me to this desk.
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