Wednesday, August 19, 2009

new job


hey, i have something to write about!


i got a new job, yahoo!!! it's not permanent, it's just an acting assignment until the end of November, but still, it's a few steps up from my old position. i'm now a quality assurance advisor and i'm on the tech line to help staff with their questions. i'm not sure how many people applied for the position, but i'm pretty sure there were about 10 of us doing the testing. not too sure why i was chosen, but i was completely surprised and very happy! i feel so proud. it totally makes me feel like i've accomplished something. i'm good at my job!


although at the moment i still sort of feel like i'm a kid playing at being an adult. dressing in mommy's shoes and hats and pretending that i'm so very big and grown up!
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