Thursday, April 24, 2008



what a miserable day. all grey and cold and wet and sleety. makes me depressed. i want sunshine and heat. i want blue skies. i want to wear my cute new summer clothes. i want to sit on a patio and sip sangria. i want to play with my hula hoop. i want to walk in the park and people watch.


i want summer.


Thursday, April 17, 2008

change in the air


that time has come again. the changing of the bus drivers. i guess they do it fairly regularly, changing everyone's routes. it seems to all happen at once, one large city-wide shift. suddenly my routine is disrupted. no more kind, mustachioed bus driver who always waits for me when he sees me waving on the other side of the street, always ready with my transfer. no more shiny, applehead bus driver trying to make small talk about american idol and saying 'see you tomorrow'. i'll miss those guys. they were good bus drivers.


at first i was imagining it like the changing of the guard, but that was too uptight and formal. the changing of the bus drivers is a much more mystical phenomenon. no one knows it's coming and no one sees it happen. it's like the movie Dark City, where the city mutates and people all mysteriously change lives overnight. but no, that's a bit too dark, the changing of the bus drivers is magical! maybe it's like mary poppins. the wind changes and up go all the bus drivers, floating down silently on umbrellas, settling into their new buses.


yes, i like that.


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

tick tock....


you know what doesn't make the day go any faster? constantly thinking about how time is dragging. i don't know what sort of black hole i'm stuck in today, but the minutes are just creeping along at an excruciatingly slow pace. "when is this day going to be over?" that thought has not left my head since about 9am. and every ten minutes i glance at the clock and want to scream WTF????


49 minutes left. come on, come on. i'm going to lose it.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

my other life

today i played make-believe. it all started because of the coat. i feel
all stylish in it, way more stylish than regular me, so clearly that
makes me want to pretend to be someone other than regular me.

on the way to work i was just some generic high-powered business lady
(i hadn't fully settled in to the land of make believe). i stood with
better posture, i walked with more urgency, i was very very important.
of course this was no longer winnipeg. it was just some fictional
uber-cool and happening city in which it is perfectly acceptable for
wealthy, influential business ladies to ride the bus.

as i got off the elevator, i realized exactly what i did. i worked with
spies! i have a high-tech swipe card to get me into all the restricted
areas, a zillion programs to open with a zillion passwords, and half
the time i write in a code only my co-workers and i understand. and i
wear a headset; i'm totally in with the spies!!

work was much more exciting as a spy. i grabbed my spy coffee from the
kitchen for spies and sat at my desk logging in to all my spy
databases, waiting to get calls from spies in need of my help.

it was a busy day sending out crucial documents, giving spies new
identities, retrieving passcodes to dismantle missiles, battling
corruption and evil villains for the good of the country - nay, the
world! etc etc.

on my walk home, i didn't quite feel like a spy anymore. i was back in
uber-cool and happening madeupsville. i saw my reflection in a window
and was no longer nondescript rich business lady. i was now a talented,
up and coming young journalist, eking out a scant living, but refusing
to compromise my integrity!

i love my coat.

Monday, April 7, 2008

have you seen this sock??

i didn't think it would come to this, i always maintained hope that it
would find its way back to me on its own. when i first noticed it was
missing i thought nothing of it. it'll turn up, i thought. but after
several loads of laundry and still no sock, i began to get concerned. i
searched my closet and the laundry room but found nothing. how is this
possible? where had it gone? why didn't i take its disappearance
seriously from the start? now it's out there somewhere, cold and alone.
i hope it's okay. i just want it to come back unharmed and in one
piece. it was always such a dependable sock... while all my other socks
wore down or got snagged on a nail in my floor, this one remained
strong and unbroken!

i put this poster up in our stairwell, in the hopes that someone will
spot the little guy hidden away somewhere and all will be well again.
but i fear the outlook is bleak. i'm sure your thoughts are with me
during this dark and difficult time.

yeah, this is what i do for fun...

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

one misty moisty morning


such a lovely morning today! walked out of the house and everything was shrouded in fog. i love the fog, everything is so quiet and eerie. i love looking up at the buildings as they dissolve into the clouds. it reminded me of a high school trip to France and the morning we arrived in Avignon. we wandered around the castle all softened with mist. everything seemed so surreal.


the fog has lifted now. it's just another grey day.

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