Monday, April 7, 2008

have you seen this sock??

i didn't think it would come to this, i always maintained hope that it
would find its way back to me on its own. when i first noticed it was
missing i thought nothing of it. it'll turn up, i thought. but after
several loads of laundry and still no sock, i began to get concerned. i
searched my closet and the laundry room but found nothing. how is this
possible? where had it gone? why didn't i take its disappearance
seriously from the start? now it's out there somewhere, cold and alone.
i hope it's okay. i just want it to come back unharmed and in one
piece. it was always such a dependable sock... while all my other socks
wore down or got snagged on a nail in my floor, this one remained
strong and unbroken!

i put this poster up in our stairwell, in the hopes that someone will
spot the little guy hidden away somewhere and all will be well again.
but i fear the outlook is bleak. i'm sure your thoughts are with me
during this dark and difficult time.

yeah, this is what i do for fun...

1 comment:

Jade said...

heheh- you\'re a kick :P

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