Friday, October 15, 2010

Ack, change!


What the hell?? I don't visit my space for 5 measly months and suddenly i'm confronted with all these changes! First of all i have to upgrade so that i don't lose everything. Good thing that's far in the future, i would have been devasted if my space was gone. Although I guess they said it doesn't vanish, it just gets frozen. And what happened to my menacing finger-pointing photo? I've been replaced by a space shuttle! Ok ok, i suppose this teaches me not to leave my space unattended for so long. I'm sorry! I've learned my lesson! (yeah right).


Small, inconsequential changes in my life. I'm learning a slightly new job. Same title, same salary, i'll even be doing it from the same desk. But now instead of answering questions about employment insurance, i'll be answering questions about canada pension. Wow, how exciting. But the change is good. It'll mix things up a bit. So right now i'm in training. I've gone from a know-it-all to a know-it-not-at-all. So things are kind of interesting again. Yeesh, i never thought i'd be describing learning about pensions as interesting :(


Anyway, lunchtime is over. I'm going to update my space to the new and improved whateveritis and make an effort to write more often. I have to stir up those creative juices - they've grown stagnant!
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