Monday, September 26, 2011

so busy, forgot to title

just a quick note to say i'm still alive. i realize i haven't written much lately, it's just that my life is so darned exciting that i simply don't have the time to jot down all of my shenanigans and adventures. yes, that is the reason. *shifty eyes*

so here it comes: point form update.
  • i no longer work at the call centre, i took a permanent position at one of the public offices. yay for change!
  • hotel amanda has been quite successful! We've had 6 sets of guests, who have all left rave reviews (we have 5 stars on the website, oooh!), and another 2 bookings coming up. fun fun.
  • i'm taking a film class at the university, just for the hell of it. made me realize that my school days were sooo long ago.
  • my sister is having another baby!! but don't worry, i'll still love the first one.
  • i spent all week reading a book on French grammar in preparation for my "second language evaluation" testing i have tomorrow. Bleck.
  • major household disaster with ceiling leaking in bedroom and floor boards buckling due to water damage. luckily only in our room, no impact on our little business venture.
    and finally....
  • going to thailand for 3 weeks in march - woohoo!! 
there ya go - all good 'n updated.
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