Tuesday, December 28, 2010

wrapping it up



ok, i'm almost ready for the "upgrade" to the new blog. I just imported all my entries, copied all my photos and all my lists... just to make sure nothing gets lost in cyberspace. I considered just shutting Whoopdeedoo down completely, seeing as i never seem to write anything anymore. but i decided against that. maybe the new format will inspire me to start writing again. it's just that i always feel so boring these days. reading back over my old adventures makes me sad. i feel very disconnected from that fun, witty traveler who wrote all those years ago. sigh.... :(


so i'm not traipsing around the world these days, that doesn't mean i can't still find something to say! i just can't find something to say right NOW. but later, when the transformation is complete... muahahahahahahaha!!!! ok, next time you (if there is anybody to be the "you") read this, it will be the new and improved wordpress blog. feel free to wait with bated breath.
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