Thursday, May 21, 2009

on the gringo trail

buenos noches amigos! so here i am in Nazca, Peru. finally got my
facebook working after not being able to change the computer over to
English (and therefore having to do some special code to get the
¨at¨sign. huh... and apparently there´s no end bracket either. silly
spanish keyboards. i´ll just make do

lima was pretty good. big busy city mostly, a lot of which stank of
urine and garbage water. blech. but there were some nice, odorless
sights too. the coolest thing was the mist. in the mornings and the
evenings there was a thick blanket of fog that rolled in off the ocean.
so cool.

moving on. we booked our bus to lima which was to depart at 930am. we
hopped in the taxi and said which bus station we needed. with about 10
minutes to spare we pulled up. to the WRONG STATION. sure, it was the
right bus company, but not the station we needed. no one told us there
were two! so we raced rapido rapido to the correct location where we
ran in at 929. no bus to be seen. crap, did we miss it¿ we went to the
ticket booth where the woman just shook her head and said ¨no boose,
cancelado¨. next boose at 130pm. ugh! so we decided to wander away from
the pee air at the bus station and go find a coffee. no problem, right¿
ha! we walked for an hour and a half before finding a coffee. and there
was no milk. 20 minutes later we finally found milky coffee.
unfortunately it tasted like battery acid and was undrinkable.

okee dokee, so 4.5 hours later than planned, we hit the highway. and
here we are in nazca, where i took a nauseating plane ride in a
3-seater cesna to view the nazca lines. we´ve opted to take a day bus
tomorrow instead of an overnighter, seeing as it says the night buses
are sometimes suject to hijackings, violent robberies, or just plain
old fatal accidents. it´s an extra $20 but that seems worth it not to
end up smooshed at the bottom of a cliff.

so that´s it for now. oh yeah, shitty thing happened today. my camera
broke. piece o junk. i was and am upset about that. but what can ya do¿
okay. more later. fingers crossed our bus doesn´t crash. adios

Sunday, May 17, 2009

the next adventure


it's been a while since i hauled out the ol' backpack. i know i took a month long trip to israel less than a year ago, but that was using a rolly suitcase, so it's totally different.

i'm off to peru tomorrow! in less than 8 hours i'll be on a plane. all packed and ready to go. so organized; usually i'd be scrambling last minute shoving any clean clothes into my pack. but after 10 odd years of traveling, i think i may finally be getting the hang of it. although i'm sure i still overpacked.

ooh, i'm getting excited! not even for the big stuff, like marveling at machu pichu or flying over the nazca lines, or taking a boat through some jungle scenery. nope, i'm excited about all those little things that come before the arrival in lima. like getting tim horton's at the airport and hanging out with those that are there to see us off. and thinking about what i'll do on the plane first. will i do a crossword, read my book, or just listen to my ipod and look out the window? i'm wondering what movies they'll be playing on the flight and deciding whether i'll have chicken or beef.

yep, lots and lots to look forward to. that and a bunch of cool peruvian stuff.

so... i shall update when i can. adios for now!
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