Sunday, May 17, 2009

the next adventure


it's been a while since i hauled out the ol' backpack. i know i took a month long trip to israel less than a year ago, but that was using a rolly suitcase, so it's totally different.

i'm off to peru tomorrow! in less than 8 hours i'll be on a plane. all packed and ready to go. so organized; usually i'd be scrambling last minute shoving any clean clothes into my pack. but after 10 odd years of traveling, i think i may finally be getting the hang of it. although i'm sure i still overpacked.

ooh, i'm getting excited! not even for the big stuff, like marveling at machu pichu or flying over the nazca lines, or taking a boat through some jungle scenery. nope, i'm excited about all those little things that come before the arrival in lima. like getting tim horton's at the airport and hanging out with those that are there to see us off. and thinking about what i'll do on the plane first. will i do a crossword, read my book, or just listen to my ipod and look out the window? i'm wondering what movies they'll be playing on the flight and deciding whether i'll have chicken or beef.

yep, lots and lots to look forward to. that and a bunch of cool peruvian stuff.

so... i shall update when i can. adios for now!

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Laoch said...

Have an amazing time

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