Thursday, April 17, 2008

change in the air


that time has come again. the changing of the bus drivers. i guess they do it fairly regularly, changing everyone's routes. it seems to all happen at once, one large city-wide shift. suddenly my routine is disrupted. no more kind, mustachioed bus driver who always waits for me when he sees me waving on the other side of the street, always ready with my transfer. no more shiny, applehead bus driver trying to make small talk about american idol and saying 'see you tomorrow'. i'll miss those guys. they were good bus drivers.


at first i was imagining it like the changing of the guard, but that was too uptight and formal. the changing of the bus drivers is a much more mystical phenomenon. no one knows it's coming and no one sees it happen. it's like the movie Dark City, where the city mutates and people all mysteriously change lives overnight. but no, that's a bit too dark, the changing of the bus drivers is magical! maybe it's like mary poppins. the wind changes and up go all the bus drivers, floating down silently on umbrellas, settling into their new buses.


yes, i like that.


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