Friday, July 24, 2009

breathe blog, breathe!


oh blog, how i neglect thee!


it's because i'm boring you know. i never have anything clever or witty or remotely interesting to say. i used to be a barrel of laughs, what happened!? i think it's just a lack of time available for indulging and cultivating my imagination. i have a 15 minute break in which i grab a coffee, spend 10 minutes on the phone arranging a car inspection so i can end my lease, and then no time for amusing bloggery. i'm already 2 minutes over my break time, such insolence!


i wanted to try and pump some life into you, blog... but no time! just a quick jolt with the paddles to get your heart beating and off i go again. i will drop by soon and try to rescue you from the ICU


Jade said...

giggle... no biggie, no ones life is spectacular all the time :)

t i m said...

call dr gregory house asap, to help the resuscitation ;)

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