Monday, February 18, 2008

long weekend!


for some. unfortunately, not me.


today is manitoba's first Louis Riel day, our new provincial holiday. but alas, the feds are not privy to this day off. it's business as usual. it's a provincial holiday in a few other places too i believe, and it appears that many people assume we're closed. it's very quiet today, we don't have the usual constant stream of calls coming in. it's nice.


i'm feeling absolutely miserable today though. i have a terrible cold and would like nothing more than to be curled up in bed. Saturday was a gorgeous day and i spent about 9 hours outside. we built a snow fort and then had friends over for drinks. it was great! but i'd had a bit of a cough before, and that just pushed me over the edge. yesterday i was coughing like mad. coughing so hard i thought i'd throw up. coughing so hard i strained my back. coughing so hard i popped my hip! today is only slightly better. my head and eyes are killing me, i'm still coughing, and i'm slightly dizzy. can't wait to go home.


also, my arms are very sore. although that's just from all the digging and snow fort prep.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Louis Riel day? That\'s what they came up with for a new holiday? BoOooo... Why not \'Fireworks Day\', \'Old Bridesmaid Dress Day\', \'Pajama Pants Day\'.. The choices are mind boggling.

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