Friday, February 15, 2008

my special valentine

this year was an exceptionally eventful valentine's day for me. valentine's day wishes, chocolate, and an evening out with two boys. my oh my amanda, settle down!


first, my new applehead bus driver told me to have an okay day. yes, those were his words. "have an... okay day". he even paused to select the word "okay". do i want this girl to have a wonderful day, he thought? a nice day? how about a good day? Nah, okay will do.


I received a single chocolate from one of the supervisors, who dutifully passed them out to everyone. tasty.


i drank special valentine's day coffee and spoke to lovely valentine's day people. alright, that sentence is a lie. same coffee as every other day, same disgruntled people as every other day.


on to the entertainment for the evening. wanna know where i went? are you ready for it? Dollarama!! i know, sometimes i am just too wild. my brother and his friend and i went. the worst part was when my brother and i realized we had no cash and his friend had to pay. we were pooling our change together to cover the $7 bill! david and i were in hysterics, thinking it was all terribly funny, nick gave us the money and waited outside, clearly embarrassed to know us.


it was hard to top Dollarama, but we were too crazy to stop there. we went and played pool for an hour, smuggling in our dollarama pops like the rebels we are. made a stellar jump shot, yay me.


so that was my day. considering my long-standing boycott of this hallmark holiday, i think it was pretty fun this year. i even wished people happy valentine's day without a hint of sarcasm.


and i did actually get wished a happy valentine's day. a text came at 7am. it was quite unexpected, definitely unnecessary, but sweet and appreciated nonetheless. a perfectly enjoyable Feb 14!

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Laoch said...

What did the text say?

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