Friday, February 1, 2008

be nice


i'm a jerk. i shouldn't say nasty things about people. the cute boy is not a bad person. he may not be what i'm looking for, but i shouldn't be so mean. i didn't ditch last night, we rented a movie. he's not so bad. like i said, not right for me, but it was unnecessary and immature of me to say what i said. i apologize.

i'm acting completely shallow, i realize that. but it doesn't seem to be doing any harm. so i'm hanging out with someone purely because i find them attractive. so what? we're not starting a relationship, neither of us are becoming invested in any way. it's just killing time. i'm indifferent to whether we hang again or not. i have a decent time when we do, but i don't miss it when we don't.

it also appears i will follow through on the plans to hang out with the jackass. i feel at a safe distance and don't feel i am in any danger of getting attached. i have enjoyed our little conversations recently, but i don't have any desire for a relationship with him. once bitten, twice... okay, twice bitten. but that second bite definitely set me straight!

in any case, i'm not worried about either scenario. besides, we all know i'm betrothed to my bus driver. well, perhaps he doesn't know it :p

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Unknown said...

I\'m telling you. Get yourself a nerd!

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