Thursday, January 31, 2008

when life gets dull...


Add some drama by making stupid decisions!


That seems to be my philosophy. Before i continue, a brief update.


1) cute boy and I saw each other for about a month. sometimes he was keen, sometimes he seemed disinterested. we stopped hanging out. i didn't care because we had nothing in common. he wasn't especially interesting, smart, funny or skilled in... um... other areas. just cute. so no loss.


2) jackass and i started speaking again. despite my initial ickiness at seeing him unexpectedly, we now seem to be on friendly terms.


So tonight i agreed to hang out with cute boy. why? Tomorrow i am supposed to catch up with jackass. why? why?


WHY NOT! nothing happening in my life, might as well shake it up with unneeded foolishness. If i had any sense whatsoever i'd ditch them both. But i don't. Wheeeee!



1 comment:

Laoch said...

If you keep hanging out with losers how will you meet winners?

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