Thursday, August 21, 2008

playing in the rain

i love the rain. i don't mean piddly little drizzly rain. i'm talking
about the torrential downpours. those beautiful storms when the sky has
no distinguishable clouds, it's just a sheet of gray, flashes of
lightning stabbing at unseen ground, cracks of thunder shaking windows,
and cascades of water battering cars, concrete, plants and people.

i love standing outside in weather like that. i feel energized and
vibrant! i'll often run outdoors and stand with arms outstretched in
the rain, feeling my skin get slippery, my clothes get drenched and my
hair contort into chaotic waves. wow that feels amazing!

it was pouring when i left work today and i had no umbrella. a friend
gave me a ride home, but not before i went splashing about for a bit
getting wet and shiny and happy. i got inside and exchanged my soggy
clothes for a cozy housecoat. i don't think i could have felt more

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