Monday, September 8, 2008

new and improved


man, i feel awesome! it's amazing how a great haircut can make you so happy. i LOVE my new look. it looks fantastic. i'm sorry, but it's impossible to be modest with a haircut this good. it's exactly what i wanted. i'm so lucky that one of my best friends is such a genius hair dresser.


yup, i feel good alright. confident, strong, and very cute :)


on the weekend i ran into a guy i'd had a date with once. a really good date that for whatever reason just didn't go anywhere. and when i saw him the other day he was all flattering and charming and all that jazz. it was fun to talk and flirt with him again. but it's still a dead end situation, which is fine by me. i know exactly what to expect from him. nothing. he's a smooth talker and i admit that i definitely fall for all that charm - i'm a sucker, i know! but that's all it is. and that's okay. as i said, i enjoyed the flirtation and compliments, but i'm looking for more than that. plenty of lovely things were said, great for the ego, but actions speak louder than words, and i deserve someone who's more than just talk. besides, he reminds me far too much of the ex from last summer... it's like i gravitated to somone just like him. my friend even thought they looked similar. no need to have a sequel to that!


anyway, i'm feeling terrific. hurray for the new and improved amanda!

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Laoch said...

New hair! No photos?

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