Sunday, August 10, 2008


ah, golf. such a great way to spend a sunny sunday. i enjoyed 7 gorgeous hours out on the links today, the first chance i've had to play all summer. now i'm not an atrocious player, but i'm not exactly what you'd call "good" either. the occasional ball is lost to the water, and several more are whacked mercilessly across the fairway while i curse like a sailor. but then there are those rare beauties. the ones that soar effortlessly through the sky in the perfect arc and land exactly where i'd hoped, allowing me to strut back to my cart like i own the course. man, do those feel good!

yep, i had a great day today. came away with a score card climbing too high to bother adding up, my left side noticeably pinker than the right, stiff arms, aching sides, and my personal favourite: a single golf glove tan.

i'm telling you, living this life of leisure sure is tiring! now i must go to bed, i strained my exhausted little arms lifting the salad tongs at dinner.

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