Thursday, September 11, 2008

dreaming of ick


so i had a disgusting dream last night. i was on a special investigation team, very important people we were. kind of a combination SWAT/CSI/FBI people. mucho impressive. anyway, there was an old apartment building that we were checking into for some reason. people were acting strangely. we realized that there was an unknown illness in the building, and quarantined the whole place. hysteria set in as we basically just blocked off all entrances and exits, trapping all the tenants inside. people were banging on doors and walls, trying to push through the makeshift barricades of bookshelves and sofas, shouting to let them out, they weren't sick. but this foreign disease was lethal, contagious, and incurable.


we were circling the building, establishing a perimeter to try to contain the disease. i felt something in my mouth and spit it out. maggots! one of my co-workers looked at me in a panic. i had caught it. he wanted me to get out of there, away from danger, but i knew it was too late. i ran back to the apartment building, demanding to be let in. i needed to be a part of the quarantine. my co-worker told me not to, maybe i wasn't fully infected. if i went in the building it was a death sentence. "let me in!" i screamed, "i can't stay out here. i'm already infected. at least if i go on the inside maybe i can get some answers". i pushed in past all the others desperate to get out.


the building was dark and musty, full of death. something was very wrong. i kept choking and spitting out maggots that were manifesting in my mouth. there were strange eggs everywhere. someone ate one and said he didn't feel so good. globs of slimy pink goo were dripping from stairs, furniture and walls. the next thing i remember i was outside. there had been a massive outbreak and the whole world was in a state of chaos. i had discovered that alien plants were the cause. flowers about two stories tall were in the yard. they sort of looked like the fire power flowers from super mario, except their bulbs were hot pink and sparkled. they kept spitting out masses of the pink slime, and anyone that was hit became infected. i was getting worse, maggots constantly filling my mouth and me continuously spitting them out. it turns out that that the guy who had eaten the egg was the only one immune to the virus. i thought if i could get to one i could fight back. and if not, i was as good as dead anyway.  i pushed through the onslaught of falling slime, trying to shield people as i went, taking the hit myself. i got right up to one of the gigantic flowers and saw an ostrich sized egg. i was covered in goo, maggots all over me and inside me. i grabbed the egg.

i saw a news report. it was showing the countries that were eradicating the disease. slowly the globe was recovering. i think i found a cure but it was too late for me.

thoughts? aside from how revolting that is.


Laoch said...

I won\'t attempt a Freudian analysis. I do think it is time to work on your novel.

Javier said...

A good start for sci-fi movie :) Are you working on the script yet?

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