Monday, December 31, 2007

minor accomplishments

Taken from Facebook...

I know you've all been desperately wondering how i've been doing at
making my way through that list of goals for 2007. Well, here's the

-buy a new cell phone CHECK! (oh how i love it)
-play in the snow CHECK! (well, just the once, but i'll count it)
-bake that delicious bavarian apple torte CHECK! (yum yum, big success!)
-kiss a cute boy CHECK! (no way i was letting that one slip by)
-clean my room FAILED! (d'oh. i knew this one would be one be a miss)
-start a good book FAILED! (alas, not yet. although i did go to the bookstore)
-forgive CHECK! (that's a toughie, some forgiveness achieved, some still a work in progress)
-laugh till my sides hurt and my face feels like it's stuck in perma-smile CHECK! (several times)
-go to a fun party CHECK! (and off to another now)
-eat a great meal CHECK! (a few!)
-get back to knitting my afghan CHECK! (only a few rows, but it's a start)
-make a list of easily obtainable goals that will give me a false sense of accomplishment as i complete them. CHECK! CHECK! CHECK!

All in all, not too bad. Way to go me. Aim low and i'll never be disappointed :p

Happy new year everyone!


Jade said...

BIG HUGS to my space sister here!!!
ya, I\'ve had some bourban... so lets toast to the fact that we aren\'t little virgins any more,
but want respect anyways- goddamit!!!!
Thanks for staying here with us- through the thrilling & boring-
May our new year bring us incredible new possiblilities!!!!!!

Laoch said...

Be well

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