Monday, January 7, 2008

a dirty girl in the bedroom

People usually think i'm a pretty
nice, respectable girl.  But they don't know I have a dark side. Behind closed doors, I'm not what you might expect. I know many people would judge me for my choice of lifestyle, and I often feel ashamed myself, but I lack the self-discipline and will power to change my ways. In the bedroom, I'm a dirty, dirty girl.

I mean really, it's disgusting. You can barely find floor space to walk. It's hazardous! Let me take you on a tour of the pigsty I live in.

Note the huge pile of laundry that takes up half the couch. At least
it's clean. Rock Band now clutters the room, and we've had to drag in
the piano bench for our drummer. Back a bit further is a crate with
miscellaneous things piled in it - clothes, gifts from the holidays
etc. It's an improvement from a few days ago when the individual items
were strewn outside of the crate. Beside that is an empty suitcase.
From when I went to NY. That's right, it's been sitting there for 3
months. There's some crap piled on top of it too, random papers, a box
of souvenirs from China, and so forth. Behind that is the box my dvd
player came in with more junk on top. Barely visible beside the unmade
bed is a bouquet of dried roses that used to be hanging but have since
fallen down. I believe they're 10 years old. And of course all the
other mess that's not captured in this photo. Knitting supplies, dvds,
books, crosswords, piles of dead batteries, papers, dust bunnies the
size of actual bunnies.... oy.

It's not always this bad. I don't know how it got to this point. But
the excessiveness of it all makes me want to keep it. It's so horrible,
it's fascinating!

I will add "clean room" to my new list of things to accomplish before the year is up.


Jade said...

Ooo! Can I play your drums?!I don\'t care about mess, Just give me a beer & I\'ll sit ontop of the cushy clothes :)-Uh, yes, the title made me visit-lol!!

t i m said...

Lady, you\'re utter filth! :)

deadites said...

LOLOL @ Rock Band.  My living room is starting to look like that now since we\'ve had to accomodate Rock Band!  I love the game anyways..  haha..

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