Saturday, December 15, 2007

blast from the past

A lot can change in 8 years. I think of everything I've done in that time, and it's huge. All that traveling, lost love, new love, friendships made, jobs obtained and left... what seems like a lifetime of experiences. I'm not a drastically different person than I was at 22, but I definitely feel quite far from that girl. It's hard to remember what exactly I was like then. Everything that has happened over the last half dozen years is such an important part of me, I can't imagine who i was before. I went to the bar more. I drank more. I cared about what other people thought of me more. I was less sure of myself. I thought less about the future (if at all). I was less aware of what was really valuable.

I suppose I'm a grown up now, although I'll never admit it.

I reconnected with an old friend recently, and last night we saw each other for the first time in 8 years. Back in the day I had quite the crush on him. Lots of people did. He was fun and flirtatious, very attractive and had a mischievous smile that made you feel like you were sharing a secret.
Of course he was quite the bad boy too. The girls loved him and he loved the girls. I'm sure he left a string of broken hearts and scorned women in his wake. With all the partying and selfish womanizing, he was bad news for many a swooning girl. Luckily, nothing ever went on between us. But even once i was in a serious relationship, that boy still sent my heart a flutter!

Eight years later..... like I said, a lot can change. We had a really nice time catching up. He's mellowed. He's had a kid. He's not all about the crazy partying and bouncing from girl to girl. He talked about working at his schooling to finish his apprenticeship. He talked about his son and wanting more kids one day. He talked about how hard it is to meet a girl. His whole attitude seemed different! This was the same guy that i once knew??

Damn straight it was. He looked the same. Still had that twinkle in his eye and that sexy smile. And my heart? boombadaboombadaboom

A lot can happen in eight years, but it's nice that some things will never change.


Laoch said...

Go for it!

Unknown said...

Very nice indeed.  So did you slur over your coffee and drop things and laugh in a low Mongo-esque half smile cross-eyed giggle?  That\'s what happens to me.  I\'m completely transparent.  Even if I\'m not supposed to be and it\'s all strictly platonic.

Jade said...

I saw my "first" awhile ago & my heart did the same thing :)
If he weren\'t married-dam!

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