Sunday, December 2, 2007

what'd i do to you, karma?

I've never been a lucky person, but sometimes I really think I'm cursed.

When I went to turn my ringer back on after a movie last night, I noticed that I'd forgotten to lock it as several keys were pressed. Oops, with the phone in my back pocket, hopefully i didn't accidentally make a bunch of calls by shifting in my seat. Check the dialed numbers... oh no. No no no. My squirming butt did somehow manage to sit on the right sequence of buttons to make one call. And of course, with all its horrible improbability, it called him.

I stared at it for a second, not wanting to believe that had really happened. What are the lousy chances of his number being the one dialed! Of everyone in my phonebook, why him?? We walked out of the theatre, Kat laughing at my insanely bad luck, me just repeatedly saying why why why why why?

It doesn't help matters that I noticed recently that he'd blocked me on Facebook. That pissed me off. As if he had any reason to block me! I know I should have removed him from my list ages ago, i don't know why i never got around to it. So what perfect timing. Probably looks like I was drunk dialing after discovering the block. Bah!

I've removed his number from my phone to ensure that never happens again, but the damage is done. Oh how i wish he knew i wasn't trying to call him! i didn't want to talk to him!

It was just a series of unintentional, unlikely, unfortunate bum wiggles, that I can only imagine were choreographed by some mischievous higher power who's got it in for me.



Laoch said...

Best not to worry what now irrelevant people think.

Unknown said...

Well.. seeing as he\'s an ass... your ass may have been acting behind your back.
Oh ha ha ha ha.  I am funny.  Get it?  It\'s funny because that sentence is full of ass jokes.
Also because puns are funniest when you explain them carefully.

paolo said...

NIce! My windows

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