Thursday, October 11, 2007

winds of change

I made my decision. It was really tough, and I'm far from certain that it was the right call. But it's done nonetheless.

I'm leaving my job and going to take the position with the government. I need to try it, see if it's for me, otherwise I'll always wonder. The worst that can happen is I don't like it, don't think it's worth it, and decide that I want to go back into the entertainment industry. At least I'll know.

My boss really wanted me to stay, made me a good offer, but I decided I just have to do this. Maybe in 6 months I'll want to go back. Maybe I'll be able to. Maybe not. But I don't want to live with regrets that I didn't try something.

So there you go! In November I will be changing the little blurb next to "occupation". Sad, exciting. Terrifying.


Unknown said...

That is excellent!  Good for you for closing your eyes and jumping in!

Jade said...

I am proud of you, but you have a personality that this "just DO it" is just you are good at :)
You are an explorer!

Laoch said...

Embrace the new while honoring the old.  Destiny awaits.

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