Tuesday, October 16, 2007

big new york apple that never sleeps

The city so nice they named it twice....

October 4 - October 8.

Me and six of my best friends treated ourselves to a long weekend in New York to celebrate the year we all turn 30. Here's how it broke down.

Celebrity sightings: 1

Ryan Gosling in an ATM vestibule, where he and Carolyn became fast friends (3 words exchanged in total - truly a bond neither shall forget)

Rat sightings: 1
although being a NY rat, it was closer in size to a cat.

Blisters:  1
just the one! and with the strategic changing of shoes, it wasn't so bad.

Average temperature: 28
that's Celsius! so unbelievably gorgeous.

Art galleries visited: 1
the MoMA. Very nice. one gallery visit in a long weekend is plenty for me.

Limo rides: 1
we're sooo fancy! Also falling into the first-time/fancy category for me, includes sipping champagne on a sailboat, and trying lobster. although i kind of made too much of a mess for it to really be considered fancy.

Roller skating funky dance parties in Central Park: 1
a real highlight for me. so unique, so funny. some of us were even brave enough to join in the dancing. Woohoo!

Naked singing cowboys in Times Square: 0
however, there was a naked singing cowgirl.

Shirts I slutted into a dress: 1
oh amanda, such a trollop... you can get away with anything in NY!

Posh clubs we got into: 1
apparently one of NY's most exclusive hotspots. Woo us!

Minimum cost of purchasing 2 bottles of booze for the table service required to stay at above mentioned swanky club: $700

Posh clubs we left: 1
rudely shown exit when we opted against the $700 charge

Hours spent at karaoke: 4
maybe more. I know we went after the club and closed them down at 5am.

Calories and alcoholic beverages consumed: many many many!!

So much fun, but it's impossible to quantify that. Just can't wait to do it again!

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