Tuesday, October 9, 2007

ACK - HELP!!!!

I was going to write about my trip to NY, but something came up that is preempting that entry.

I got a job offer today and I don't know what to do. It's for the Federal Government and it pays almost twice as much as my current job. At times I would only work 25 hrs a week, and at that point I would probably still earn more than my 45 hour weeks now. It's a term position until the end of March, with the first 3 months being full time hours. It's a call centre, which is hardly my ideal position, but the hours are better and, as mentioned, so is the pay. When the term is up, she said they always extend. And people move quickly to other areas.

Oh god oh god, what do i do??? The job starts Nov 5th, which means I'd have to give my notice immediately. I really only have til the end of the week to decide. Shitshitshitfuckshitshit. I don't dislike my job. It has improved 1000fold and there are some things i really enjoy. I'm getting more and more variety, I love the fact that I'm good at it, I know so much more than i expected, and... and I don't know. I didn't really plan on leaving yet.

As coincidence would have it, my year long contract ended last Friday. I knew they were expecting me to stay on, and I was debating what I would ask for when renegotiating. But FUCK! Now what? Ack, I can't stop swearing. I don't have a clue what to do. HELP!

How on earth can I justify staying at this job? I mean, better hours, twice the pay, tons of opportunity once I'm with the government.... vs. I like my boss, there may be some cool opportunities eventually (but no guarantees) and I would feel horrible leaving so suddenly. I can't decide so quickly. I'm meeting with the woman tomorrow to get a tour and a better idea of what it would be like. But I'll have to decide asap.

Oh dear god, I think I'm going to barf.


Laoch said...

Choose the path that you enjoy most. The money will eventually follow.

Jade said...

Hmmm, Nov-March with no guarantee?  But the money & savings for future dreams sounds good ... Personally  Gov. jobs are going to be the only ones left at some point I believe LOL!

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