Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Geegollygosh, he's back!

Got a call out of the blue yesterday.

"Hey Amanda! You'll never
guess who this is!" He was right. I didn't recognize the number or the
voice on the other end. Didn't feel like playing guessing games either,
and although I was urged to take three guesses, I took zero.
Eventually, seconds away from hanging up in exasperation, he mentioned
where we'd had drinks. And then it clicked.

Diet Pepsi guy. Mr. Aw-heck-can-you-borrow-me-
pushover! Why the hell was he calling?? It had been over two months
since we went on our ill-fated date; there was no reason to contact me.
We weren't even friend compatible!

I didn't know how to get off
the phone, but I didn't exactly have anything to say to him either. He
babbled on about god knows what. Panama, for some unknown reason. Small
chat about holidays, I mentioned I was going to New York, to which he
responded, "do you like Madonna?" What the hell does that have to do
with anything???? It was time to end this nonsense.

I flailed
frantically at my sister in the hallway, and with the mouth piece
covered, whispered for her to get me out of this. So she obliged by
yelling purposefully "Amanda, I need the phone! I have to leave right
away" Oh, so sorry, must run. Nice catching up. Bye now.

And let's hope that's the end of that.


Laoch said...

New York is cool.

Unknown said...

Well.  That was exciting!

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