Monday, April 9, 2007

*crickets chirping, tumbleweed blowing...*

A voice shouts out, echoing in the emptiness: "HELLO! Hello-ello-ello..."

I think one of the reasons I'm spending more time on Facebook than on here is because it's the ideal outlet for people with nothing to say. I really have nothing going on in my life to talk about, so the one line updates on Facebook are all I need. "Amanda is wasting time at work" "Amanda is going to have a glass of wine and watch tv". Not exactly prime blog fodder.

Amanda is going to plop in front of the tv like usual. Amanda hopes to have something interesting to say one of these days, but she isn't holding her breath.

1 comment:

Laoch said...

Since we demand interesting content you\'ll just have to start doing outrageous things. Perhaps a month long moonlighting experiment as a go-go dancer?

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