Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Close enough


I only have ten minutes - scratch that - EIGHT minutes left before I can go home. I think I will do nothing until then. Besides, the smell of my Sharpie are making me woozy. WooooooooOOOOOOOooozy. But it was totally worth it as I crossed off many items on a long list. Very satisfying.


I'm looking forward to the long weekend. I wasn't initially planning to go anywhere on holiday this year, but maybe I will. I do get two weeks off, after all. No point in wasting them. I suppose I could just kick about Winnipeg, sleep in, etc etc. But maybe I should go somewhere. I kind of like that idea. But where? If I go byself, I think I'd want to go somewhere where I could visit someone. So there's Vancouver, or Edinburgh. Or probably a few other places. But with only 2 weeks, I don't want to go anywhere crazily expensive. Which rules out heading to China or NZ for a visit. Alas.


Oh, one minute left. Time to shut 'er down!!




t i m said...

I\'m off to London to chase Easter bunnies for my 2 week off - what fun.

Jade said...

Hey Manda :D
Hope you had a relaxing weekend!

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