Saturday, November 11, 2006


ie: flirting

What ever happened to that word? For some reason it just popped into my head the other day. We used to use it a lot. As in "that guy is totally styling you!" or
"he's so cute, you should totally go style him!" or maybe even "forget about him, he is such a styler". Maybe I should reintroduce it to my vocabulary after its 10 year hiatus. Of course, first I should find a subject worthy of styling. And actually, I don't think I'm very good at styling. I don't have any moves or anything. Plus, my proclivity for sarcasm is often taken the wrong way. Meh, who cares about those people though, if they don't get my outstanding wit, they obivouly have a lousy sense of humour.

How's this for a styling move: "Why aren't you laughing? I'm funny! Hilarious! ...You suck".

Okay, maybe it needs a bit of work.


Laoch said...

The secret to successful flirting is always to wear less clothing

hellachella said...

I\'m pretty sure I\'ve used that exact line while styling a guy.  That or something along the lines of, "Hey you.. you with the funny shirt.  You like pie?  Well I make pie.  REAL P.. wait.. where are you going?  YOU\'LL BE BACK!"
What.. you think it needs work?

Trevor said...

If styling (aka "flirting") went out of style... what has become of this world?!?
Honestly, I don\'t care what it\'s called. I could use some.

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