Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Ow, my back

Man, my back is killing me... wait a second, what's this... oh, it's a KNIFE!

So I had a really pleasant experience at work today. Just makes being over worked and under paid so worth it, knowing I'm surrounded by such kind, decent, genuine people. I asked a girl a question, very politely, perfectly acceptable question about where something was located. She was snarky, impatient and rude in response, but I wasn't going to make much of it. I sit back at my desk and I get an instant message from her (we use msgr for work). "I'm really having trouble with her today". Huh. It appears she meant to send that message -
clearly referring to me - to someone else. Of course she denied it, tried some lame ass excuse, she meant herself because her neck was cramped, blah blah. Yeah, right. Obvously she was bitching about me and mistakenly sent it to me. I don't get it. She was always very friendly and I thought we got along just fine. But apparently she is a two-faced, backstabbing, insincere bitch.

So it's a bit harder to justify the unsatisfying job with "but the people are cool". She better watch it, I tell ya. I do have a bad side, and you don't want to be on it.


Heather said...

People like her are why chinese throwing stars were invented...lol

Laoch said...

This makes me sad.

bob said...

You know my friend, i\'d be miffed too - no doubt.  But i\'m hardly one who should be judging the person you speak of.
Sadly i\'ve had my days when nothing goes right, or i\'ve got some real harsh problem happening at home - for whatever reason i\'ve just been depressed, angry at the whole damned world and i\'ve just got nothing good to say to anyone.   I know i\'m like that and i try so hard just to make it thru the day, don\'t say nuthin\' to nobody (mostly cause i know i\'m bitchy) but once in awhile despite my best attempts i\'ll slip... and i\'ll be a bitch.  I know people realize i didn\'t mean it, will forgive me my bad days or the stupider things i do or say... but still i said it and i still feel bad.
Maybe they can be a two-faced, backstabbing, insincere bitch... at the same time maybe they\'ve earned the benefit or a doubt (people who like us are a double-edged sword, we hurt those who care about us the most, and we do so because they\'re the only ones who take our crap lol) that days like that are more the exception than the rule.
I\'m sorry for your day Manders, i hope this one will be much better!

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