Monday, September 18, 2006


It is so cold! What the hell happened? Just a few days ago it was nearly 30 degrees and now it's freezing and rainy and the ground is covered in fallen leaves. I'm not ready for summer to be over. I missed it all, sitting in my dull, grey cubicle.

Unemployment is treating me well. Just taking it easy, going for lunches, going for drinks, staying up late on school nights. Can't complain. Except for the fact that I'm spending money at an alarmingly fast rate with no income to replenish my account. Pffft, no worries.

And now that it's fall, I've got a couple of classes to look forward to. Belly dancing starts tomorrow and kickboxing on Saturday. How fun. First I will entrance you with my exotic shimmy shimmy shimmy, then HYAH! a powerful and unexpected punch punch kick! Or.... I ridiculously jiggle without an ounce of coordination, then pull a muscle while attempting some feeble move. Yep, it'll be a good time.


hellachella said...

Two things that I\'ve always wanted to learn.. and yet the thought of combining them into a deadly dance of the siren never did occur to me.  It needs to be named... Bellickdoxing.  Catchy.

Laoch said...

Hopefully there will be nude belly dancing photos?

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