Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Belly dancing class no. 1

Instructor: "Are you guys beginners?"

Jennie and I: "Yes"

Instructor: "Oh.... see, this is level 2. You might want to try the earlier class."

Faaaaaaaantastic. Just to let you know, we didn't join level two because we thought we were so talented we deserved to skip intro. The guy who  registered us said both times were the same level. But yay, I sure was eager to look like a moron in front of 18 other people.

And I did. Luckily, I always look like an idiot when I dance, so I was used to it. We had no idea how to do any of the moves and just ended up shaking our butts around while laughing. The instructor did all these little dances:
wiggling, shimmying, and swooping seductively, while we flopped and spazzed about like dying fish. Soooo sexy, lemme tell you. Good thing there were no mirrors; I would have been unable to resist myself.

On the up side, all the laughter was a great ab workout!


Heather said...

Sounds like fun!

t i m said...

Hmm, belly dancing & kick-boxing - a seductive but deadly combination, I like it. :)

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