Saturday, May 27, 2006


With nothing special keeping me tied to Winnipeg, I can't help but feel the lure of the great unknown call to me once again. With the job ending in September, I've been contemplating my options. I sort of feel like going somewhere really obscure for no particular reason. Uzbekistan or Ghana or some other such unusual destination. Some of my travels seemed exotic at the time, but I feel the urge to keep pushing into more remote territory. Somewhere most people would never imagine visitng.

But how will I do this? It's easy to hop on a plane to England, Australia or Thailand without any plans, but it seems a bit trickier to be so impulsive when going off the beaten path. It'd be ideal if I could actually do some sort of work overseas, whatever that might be. Or I could just wander aimlessly.

I got an email from a friend of mine. She was biking (yes, pedal biking) across Europe and Asia. She's in Afghanistan now and is heading back to Iran soon. Crazy. And I thought I was adventursome.

Anyway, if anyone has any cool suggestions of places to go or knows of any special work/volunteer programs in developing countries... let me know!


Laoch said...

In the US you would join the Peace Corps.

Intensely said...

I ventured into a Hmong village in Guizhou, China last summer. This is
one of the last places in China that has not bee exploited by tourism
(You dont\' see Han Chinese girls dressed in a colorful exotic dresses
pretending to be Hmong here). You can check out some of the photos from
my space (in the album Memories of China). I would go back there in a

Miss said...

There are lots of organizations you can look into for volunteering or working abroad. I\'ve got a whole wack load in my favorites on my lappy. I\'m not on my lappy at the present moment.
I\'ve always got itchy feet, and I\'m on the 3 year plan with the boy so I\'ve already looked into what I can do when I leave the country. We also found this book in Chapters/Indigo that was all about working overseas. It was in the business section. It\'s massively huge but worth the buy. We\'ll be purchasing it in a year or so while I plan our trip out of this country.
If you would like more info dear just email me. and I\'ll send you the links!!

t i m said...

I\'d go along with pretty much what the person below has commented. There are many places you could visit if you go through working with a volunteer organisation etc.
Have you ever visited anywhere in Africa? That might be one option. I lived there for 14 years & its definitely an eye opener.
Take Care. :)

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