Saturday, February 18, 2006

nothing interesting

Ho hum, nothing to say. I watched the Canada-Switzerland hockey game this morning. We lost. I don't think I should watch sports, I get too worked up. And this game didn't even matter! I remember watching the US-Canada gold medal game last winter Olympics and I was on the verge of cardiac arrest I was so tense.

I've had a couple of interviews, one went well, the other was so-so. I got a call from the first place and I have to call back about a "possible job offer", whatever that means. Are they just teasing me, getting my hopes up? Then I'll call back and they'll say "Just kidding! It would have been possible... if you weren't so useless. Muahaha" Jerkballs, crushing my spirit like that. Okay, so maybe that's not exactly how it'll go down. Anyhoo, I'm getting used to this never-ending job search. I feel like that's what I do for a living. What do you do? I send out resumes, get interviewed, play an integral role for all the HR people out there. The economy needs me!

I went to see Disney on Ice the other day. Don't give me that look, the tickets were free! It wasn't so bad. No Stars on Ice or anything, but what is? At one point it looked like Baloo (the bear from The Jungle Book) got shot and he was laying on the ice, all dead looking. Some poor little kid behind us was just screaming and bawling "He's dead! Noooo, he's DEAD!" haha. Don't worry, he was just faking. Baloo, not the crying kid.

Anyway, gotta dash. Going to meet with my Dad's girlfriend to talk about - what else? - jobs! She's in HR so maybe she'll be able to give me some pointers. At the very least, I get to go for lunch.

update: No lunch. Just a cup of tea and a plateful of anxiety (with a side of frustration).


Marley said...

I was pretty tense watching the Canada/Switzerland game, too.  I was even more on edge when the announcer said that DiPetro was from Sudbury....he\'s not, he\'s from the Sault.  What\'s it matter anyways?  The traitor jumped ship to play for his wife\'s home country! 
Good luck with the job search.  I\'ll keep my fingers crossed for you!

Trevor said...

Gotta hand it to the Swiss: develop a world-class goalie, play a solid team game, and work your butts off. Canada has two of those three, but, unfortunately, the "work your butts off" part counts for 50% of the mark.
As for the work thing, working for a credit union offers some huge benefits, and they offer entry positions all the time. It might not be much, but I can that after 5 years, I am happy with what they have given me. And they pay well which isn\'t too shabby either. Check them out. You might be surprised. :o)

Heather said...

Hope it wasn\'t a gotta let us know.

shabi said...

Amanda....  why don\'t you put up some more pictures?  You know, from all our marvelous adventures.  I mean, when was the Dalian beer fest anyway???

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