Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Hallmark hooey

Ah, February 14th,
Valentines's Day. The day when the card companies, florists and
chocolate shops all band together, united by the common goal of
guilting people into expressing their affection through gifts, and
putting a monetary value on love. How sweet.

Let's just get one thing straight: I hate this holiday regardless of my
relationship status. When you are a part of a couple, you feel
obligated to buy buy buy, show you care by spending money or doing
something romantic. And if, on this most saccharine, heart filled day,
you fail to purchase the requisite box of chocolates or present your
honey with the cliched long-stem roses or book a table for two at some
candle-lit bistro or in any way fall short of the acceptable amount of
lovey-doviness, then obviously you just don't care enough, you heartless bastard!!!

And of course, for singles it just serves as a reminder that there is
no one being guilted into showing their affection. What a glorious day
for all! I am all for romance and love and all those other warm
fuzzies, but why must we be indoctrinated with all this consumer
bullshit? Let's be spontaneous and genuine and show people we love them
because we want to, not because we feel we have to.

So, this year, like all those before it, I choose to snub my nose at this fabricated love fest. Happy Valentine's day everyone.


Heather said...

Happy Valentines Day!

Laoch said...

Hey Amanda

monty said...

Now I don\'t want to be an old cynic (whoops, too late) but Valentines
Day makes more people unhappy than it does happy from early schooldays
all the way up to the majority of partners who either are already with
somebody else or want to be.I say replace it with "Me Day" or
"Pamper Day" when individuals are encouraged to pamper and treat
themselves. Instead of millions of £ being wasted on cards and Chinese
made embarrassing cuddly toys we\'d recycle some of our hard earned cash
on relaxing massages and treatments or whatever.I\'m not bitter, really. No, really! Maybe just a bit.

priior said...

as <a href="http://pintday.org">someone</a> mentioned, snubbing valentines day is all cool, till someone asks ur sweetheart "what did _you_ get for valentines?"

hellachella said...

Valentines Day is the devil\'s favorite holiday, not Halloween.
I don\'t even care about it.  Really.

Laoch said...

Well said.

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