Saturday, September 28, 2013

Saturday night tv....

Just a quick post from the iPad because I can't tear myself away from the couch and this crazy show about crazy people. I'm watching Obsessions and this episode is titled "Animism". It's about people who have emotional and sexual relationships with inanimate objects. One guy was talking about his relationship with his car, how he mostly kisses her and caresses her, can spend an hour with her and just masturbate. And a woman who was shown with her arms draped around Big Zee, as she described her love for him. Big Zee is a crane, by the way. That's right, a big yellow metal crane. A priest explained that when he gets intimate with his sound boards, he is fully clothed - it's just an exchange of energy. He also wonders about his first sound board love. He has photos of "her" and wonders if she's still "alive" etc. But they don't hold a candle to Linda and her love affair with Bruce. She calls him her soul mate. And she married him. She married him and refers to him as her husband. Bruce is a Ferris wheel. She married a friggin Ferris wheel! How the hell is that possible?

So some people get their panties all in a bunch over gay marriage, but human/steel unions are just hunky dory? What the -

Oh wait, they're showing the marriage ceremony.... which is being performed by the sound board priest.

I guess I'm just not open minded enough to accept the love of these people and their inanimate object life partners. Man, I'm such a prude.

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Peaceful said...

um, wow. Thanks for the morning chuckle :P

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