Friday, September 6, 2013

back to our roots

It's been a long, long time, but we are finally going back to where it all began.

I feel like a nostalgic parent, wistfully reminiscing about your first hesitant days when you were so unsure of  yourself. and then you found your voice, made friends, and blossomed. you were very different back then: young and excited because everything was so new and there was always a story you wanted to share. now that you're older you've grown distant, most of your pals have gone their own ways, and you don't say much at all. but you will still always be precious to me. you are, and will always be, my dear, sweet, never-to-be-completely-parted-with blog.

that's right, I'm talking about my blog. and like I said, we are going back to where it all started:

Flag of China
I really wanted to use one of my own old china pix but don't have any on the computer :(

I confirmed the flights today! We (Blair and myself - the blog doesn't get its own seat) are heading to China in about 6 1/2 months, and staying for just over 3 weeks. Wahoo!! It will be almost a decade since I was there (wow, I can't believe how fast time goes!), and at the rate China changes, I wouldn't be surprised if everything is completely unrecognizable. I am so excited, and yet a bit nervous too. It's always a bit weird going back to a place you once called home. I really want to go to Dalian (the city where I lived and taught) but it is inconveniently quite out of the way. Bah! But I feel really determined to get there. Yes, it is a must (for me - Blair not so convinced).

Anyway, I just had to share the news. At first I wasn't super keen on going back to China, because there are so many other places I've never been to and want to see. But now that it's booked, I'm super excited. I am going to say "tai guai le!" (too expensive!), no matter what the price. I'm going to haggle over 50 cents. I'm going to eat rice noodle soup and real kung pao chicken. I'm going to give bai jiu (yucky Chinese alcohol) another shot. I'm not going to have the version infused with dog penis. I'm going to walk the great wall in spring, just like I did in winter and summer. I'm going to use squat toilets like a natural. I'm going to skip the crappy light show in Yangshuo. I'm going to have a beer and play liar's dice with an old friend. I'm going to remember so many things - the good and the bad - that I'm forgetting right now.

I can't wait. I hope you'll join me :)


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this makes me so freakin happy- MAN I hope you have a fantastic time

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