Tuesday, May 31, 2011

How hockey made me think of dog penis booze

As a Winnipegger, i feel obligated to make a comment about getting an NHL team again. Yep, the big announcement was made today, and all those Jets fans can finally celebrate the return of pro hockey to our city. So, given it's the top news story, and i'm right where the action is, i suppose i should say something. Um........... Yay. No, really, i mean it. I'm not a sports fanatic, but i do love having a team to root for. I go bonkers for hockey during the Olympics. I was so tense and agitated during that Canada-US gold medal game, i thought i'd have a heart attack. Now I'll have a local team to get me all wound up!

I like the feeling of community over all this. All those people gathered together, cheering, singing, and bonding over this team. Everyone's so happy. I'm happy! I'm a part of this! Granted, I didn't go down to Portage & Main or the Forks to join the festivities, but I smile when I hear hoots and hollers from the street. What? It's cold and wet and bloody miserable out with wind gusting to 80 km/h; I'm staying inside!

So now comes the issue of getting tickets. Everyone seems to be talking about splitting season tickets due to the high costs. Thinking about how much they charge makes me angry. Which makes me think about how much players get paid, and it seems ridiculous. Of course they make loads of money for their owners and so on up the chain, blah blah blah. Same with actors and other superstars. I get annoyed at the fact that so much wealth is in the hands of so few. Who on earth needs to be worth billions of dollars? It's preposterous. I half-jokingly think maybe communism isn't such a bad idea. That in turn leads me to think about my time living in China. I remember how bribery was rampant. I recall that people would often include really expensive sea cucumbers as a part of a "gift". Sea cucumbers are such a weird food. But that definitely wasn't the oddest thing I saw for consumption. That honour has to go to a bottle of dog penis infused baijiu (alcohol). Yuck.

And there we have it, that was the meandering train of thought that led me from the Jets to dog penis booze. Get back on topic, Amanda. Go jets go!


Laoch of Chicago said...

One loves hockey so it must be great to get a team again.

On another note, your title was wince worthy.

aafrica said...

interesting train of thoughts. and it gives me a chance to lay it out once for all: sea cucumbers are not weird. they are yummy.

Caleb said...

Oh, how so many roads lead to dog penis.

Didn't Mark Twain say that?

And... hockey is the sport with the ice, right?

Logical Libby said...

I give dog penis gift as a hostess gift very time we are invited to a dinner party.

We aren't invited many places.

Let's play WWF. I'm LogicalLibby.

Al Penwasser said...

Wow...I guess I'm pretty oblivious. I first read this and I wondered, "Doesn't Winnipeg already HAVE a hockey team?" Then, I read that you were excited about one coming back to your fair city. Then, I scratched my head and further wondered, "You mean Winnipeg DIDN'T have one for a while?"
Please excuse me for being a dunce. I guess I'm fixating on baseball season.
So, how are those Montreal Expos doing?

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