Wednesday, March 16, 2011

you're disgusting, but i love you anyway

you're filthy. you leave a mess all around, and i'm left trudging through it. your very presence leaves me feeling dirty. you have no regard for how your presence effects me or anyone else. you breeze into town, stir things up a bit, then vanish without a warning. how many times have you stayed a few days, only to make a hasty retreat, leaving me feeling cold and deceived? too many! i can't deal with your mood swings. you're hot, you're cold... and sometimes it makes me physically ill.

but yet i always look forward to your return, regardless of your fickle ways and the filth you leave in your wake. it's the future you promise that allows me to see past all of this. brighter days are ahead, i know it! go ahead and throw everything into a sloppy disarray, it's okay. i know you can't help it. i think you're going to stay a while this time, and make good on those sunny promises.

welcome back Spring. i missed you.


Al Penwasser said...

And it robs us of an hour of sleep!

Peaceful said...

Haha, loved this :D
and Ya, what she^ said :P

Laoch of Chicago said...

It certainly has taken its sweet time.

Caleb said...

Okay, so I totes thought this was going to be a "guess what I'm talking about" game and I was stuck at a tie between "a wiener" and "your period" but thankfully you cleared up all the confusion for me!

Yeah, my mind pretty much stopped developing in about 7th grade. Sorrs.


Average Girl said...

Oh hey... thanks for the comment on my blog my fellow canadian... i know how hard it is... to get those numbers up there... am returning the favour... thanks for following.


Chelle said...

Spring is a sexy bastard.

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