Sunday, March 13, 2011

in the land of make believe, amanda reigns

maybe it just goes with the territory of being the eldest child, but when it came to playing games with my siblings, i was always queen. when my sister and i played with my little ponies, i had Majesty, queen of all the ponies. all other ponies (ie: my sister's ponies) had to obey her laws and commands. Majesty ruled all ponies! Amanda ruled all ponies! oh, and majesty was usually an evil queen who kidnapped all the baby ponies and locked them in a cave. much more interesting that way. pony games get pretty boring if all they do is frolic happily.

another great game playing opportunity was in the furniture section at the Bay. with all the faux room set ups, the 6th floor became my palace. i was queen once again, proudly surveying all that was mine. my sister was the poor little orphan girl who was hoping i would adopt her. basically the game consisted of meandering through the labyrinth of rooms, amazing little orphan jennie with the grandeur of my estate (a mansion so huge it had over a dozen living rooms and dining rooms), dangling this life of wealth and luxury in front of her... and then not adopting her. needless to say, this wasn't jennie's favourite game. she thought she would get a reprieve when i brought our little brother into the game. surely with a newer player, her status would improve. sadly, no. i was still queen, she was still the orphan girl, but now i had a little prince who also got to break the bad news that she wasn't getting adopted.

always being the evil pony queen or the heartless queen of the Bay eventually took its toll, and made it difficult to lure in my players. no one jumped at the chance to "play pretend" with me anymore. so i learned to compromise. no more royalty and orphans. we became spies instead. we went on missions, we planned adventures, we had code names and secret hiding places for secret documents. we were a single unit,  a team of spies, cooperating and working together!

of course i was still the leader. i am the oldest, after all.


Laoch of Chicago said...

Ruling can be quite tiring.

Jo Ann Greisman said...

Great pic ... David in his ever so fetching lace head scarf, Jennie wearing the cowgirl vest & Queen Amanda... beautiful photo enhancement.

Oh, the smiles, what happiness

Al Penwasser said...

I grew up the eldest of five (and I'm happy to report I am STILL the eldest of five), but I was never the queen. Which I'm thinking is a good thing from my father's point of view.
Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Caleb said...

That is the type of grin they mean when they say "maniacal."

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