Friday, February 25, 2011

honey, i'm home!

don't all cheer at once now.

so regina was kind of fun. you know, as far as work goes. my hotel room was nice, the bed was huge, someone did all the cleaning and made my bed everyday, i took all the free pens they left out for me etc. the usual hotel stuff. ok, now for the lowlights and highlights:

  • going on a tour of "the tunnels of moosejaw". sooooooo lame. it was tacky and hokey and i swear our tour guide was about 15 years old and doing it for extra credit in his high school drama class. it's not a good sign that the tunnels were named as one of the top attactions for southern saskatchewan.
  • the moosejaw mineral spa was also disappointing. it just looked like a boring old pool. no soothing atmosphere or anything. we peered in through the giant windows and decided to hit the casino instead.
  • speaking of the casino, i put in $5 and got up to a thrilling $750, then lost it all. oh sorry, i forgot the decimal point, i meant to say i was up to $7.50. haha, fooled you
  • eating in a crappy mall's crappy food court every day.
  • driving to Rouleau - aka Dog River - where the show Corner Gas was filmed. we walked into the town bar that advertised souvenirs and were told they only had air fresheners. we also saw the restaurant/gas station set, which was looking neglected and half buried in snow.
  • 20 oz pints! almost all the places here in Winnipeg only give chintzy 16 oz pints. at least that's one thing regina does right.
  • meeting lots of fun new people from BC to Newfoundland
  • and definitely one of the best moments was when one of my new friends said she didn't know my last name and had just been referring to me as "funny amanda". woohoo! yup, that's right, i'm funny.
anyway, i suppose that sums it up. glad to be home. winnipeg may suck, but it's good to be reminded that some places suck more.


Chelle said...

I was all like, "Amanda has a gambling problem" for a while.

Deborah said...

"funny amanda" now that is cool ... and true! :o)

dbs said...

Good info. We were contemplating the Tunnels of Moose Jaw this summer but neither of my teens want to go so thanks for helping me decide.

manders said...

dbs - at first i thought i was just being a harsh critic because i've gone on so many tours in different countries that were so awesome... but everyone else on the tour thought the same thing as me, regardless of previous experience. it was just very poorly done.

Laoch of Chicago said...

Funny Amanda is nice. It is good to be thought of as witty. Well done.

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