Sunday, February 13, 2011

hangin' with the cool crowd

ohmygodohmygodohmygod, one of the popular kids mentioned me on her blog! play it cool amanda, play it cool. deep breaths, shrug it off, no biggie, whatevs. no, don't say that, cool people don't say whatevs. do they? shit, i don't know what cool people say!

so i'm surfin' through the blogs i read when suddenly i see it. the heading is "these blogs deserve more attention" and there's only one listed. MINE! eeeek! ok, don't get too excited. clearly this is a trick. i bet a random blog name pops up every time someone looks at her site. so i refresh the page several zillion times, waiting for someone else to get this honourable mention. but it's still me. perhaps she just has some special widget installed so that whoever looks at her site has their own blog title inserted there. how deviously clever. but maybe she's like the pretty girl in can't buy me love and she's going to make me popular by telling people i'm cool! i'll be her patrick dempsey! i can't remember how that story ends, but i'm sure the moral of it was that life is better when you're popular.

this reminds me of a day in high school when the cute boy all the girls crushed on leaned over in chemistry class and said "psst... amanda" and then told me some joke or something. holy crap, i thought, he's talking to me. he knows my name! of course this was a ridiculous thought, we'd been going to school together for years, of course he knew my name.

i've never been cool. as a teenager, i had scraggly hair, scrawny chicken legs, big buck teeth and far too many shirts with snoopy on them. i'm still a nerd now, just with straight teeth and less cartoons on my clothes. but i still get that dorky rush of excitement when someone acknowledges my existence.

so do what she said and pay more attention to me. she knows what she's talking about; she's cool! come on, jump on my slow moving bandwagon! and do it before she reads this post and hastily recants her endorsement.

look how cool snoopy is, with his shades and sweater and thumb.


Chelle said...

Whoa! I'm cool now! You said I was.

Yeah..... see... I didn't wear bell bottoms in highschool in the 90s when they were NOT cool.... or rollerskate around town with my friend, Jamie and get mooned by another kid and stuff..... Or watch the Warlock 239847239 times or get my first car based on the fact that it had windshield wipers on the headlights or run around a golf course in shorts when the sprinklers were on and get fertilizer rash all over my legs... or um.. anything.

Of course I plugged you doofwad. We're longtime nerd buds.

Anonymous said...

Nerdy's in now. Or so I hear, but maybe that's over, since I usually learn about trends long after they're dead and buried. And I think you're cool. Although I have to say, Snoopy shirts - not nearly as cool as Cookie Monster shirts.

Anonymous said...

Necessity! Thou mother of the world.

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